Keri Brooks Health LLC. presents

The Simple Sugar Solution TM
A revolutionary approach to overcome your sugar & carb cravings for good.

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March 27th

at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

Presented by

Keri Brooks
Founder of
The Simple Sugar Soution
Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist,
Integrative Health Specialist,
Speaker and Food Educator

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This webinar will teach you ..

  • What 4 universal sugar "switches" drive your sugar cravings and override your impulse control.

  • 3 immediate steps you can take to turn your sugar "switch" off and break the hold sugar has over your choices, body & sanity.

  • 3 essential nutritional compounds that you need in order to reset your sugar switch and rediscover your will power.

  • The reason why talk therapy and behavioral therapy rarely work long term, and why the Simple Sugar SolutionTM is a revolutionary game changer.

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