FLC Recovery Program

If you’re anything like the hundreds of women and men that I’ve worked with, you’re tired of being told that you’re perfectly “healthy” and yet still feel like crap. Or, the reason you’re exhausted and unable to lose weight is just that you’re “getting older” or because you’re ” a mom of 3″! You desperately want to feel better and get back to the vibrant, balanced, fit person you used to be.

You want answers but haven’t found any. You’re beginning to believe maybe, it’s all in your head or that you’re just not trying hard enough.

On the other hand, you may feel like you’ve tried everything and are beginning to think that you have to accept this way of living and being as your new normal. 

If this sounds like you, I know exactly how you feel and want you to know you’re in the right place.

Everything you have been told to accept as an “inevitable” part of aging or being a woman is not true. At least it’s not the entire picture.

What if we are all mistaking symptoms like fatigue, overwhelm, insomnia, etc., and other imbalances as inevitable instead of warning signs that there is something out of balance? The good news is, all of these imbalances are usually deficiencies that can be corrected. 

I have personally witnessed hundreds of women and men, go from feeling like crap to transforming their health by the secrets I share in this program. 

Are you ready to begin your journey toward vibrant health? Your journey towards becoming balanced, happy and radiant again? 

FLC Recovery Program is about helping you rediscover your Joyspot. The place where you feel balanced, radiant, healthy and alive again.

It’s about teaching you how to identify where your body is out of balance and how to support it. It about giving you simple forms of nourishment, supporting you with healthy daily rituals that make a practice into routine/habit. It’s about connecting/exploring the activities that bring you pleasure and allow you to move and play again. I’ll provide the science, direction and sustainable nutritional solutions that will help you profoundly transform your health and ignite your life and light! 

Are you ready to redefine health? 

Here’s  what you’ll learn:

Tired Woman 3All you wanted to know about Fatigue, it’s causes and how to regain your energy & youthful vitality.







The hormonal causes of weight gain & depression. The tests to order and how to naturally restore your hormonal balance and regain your patience & sanity. 






What everyday foods are holding your health hostage and how to Eat to THRIVE.




turmeric tea copy
Discover what essential nutrients are needed to remain balanced, vibrant and beautiful as you age. 







Insomnia’s Hidden Causes and how to get a restful nights sleep naturally. 






your brain



How to get your Memory and cognition back!




What you will receive :

fit at 40 bullet


7  modules: including weekly 60-minutes recorded webinar, handouts and cheat sheets

fit at 40 bullet

Comprehensive Fit & Fabulous Wellness Guide

fit at 40 bullet

90 page Eat to THRIVE recipes book

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Weekly Live Q&A lead personally led by Keri Brooks, an Industry expert in women’s health, nutrition and functional medicine. 

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Discounted access to state of the art nutritional,  hormonal and digestive testing

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My mission is to teach you how to regain your youthful vitality, shed unwanted body fat, sleep soundly, eliminate pain and finally feel hormonally and emotionally balanced again.

These life-long secrets have already helped hundreds of men and women just like you!

Here’s your chance to take four weeks to RECLAIM your health, body, and sanity!


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